Surviving Sleep Deprivation with a Newborn

Sleep is hard to come by when you bring home a new baby. Even if you are bottle feeding your baby will be awake every few hours for 6-8 weeks. There is no way around this, in fact if your baby is not waking to eat you will want to set an alarm until they have beefed up a little bit (consult your doctor of course).

Sleep is essential to life and without it you are literally impaired. Before I get into my personal top tips I will share what everyone shares: sleep when the baby sleeps. I hate that advice even though it is 100% accurate because I always feel like I have too much to do. It is a cliché for a reason though.


Book club with Avalon: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

My 10 year old daughter Avalon is an avid reader. She stays on top of current trends and manages to find the latest and greatest books. What is really amazing to watch is how she can disappear into another world and consume a book in one afternoon.

I did the same when I was young so I step lightly around her. Offer her snacks and water regularly. Wait patiently for her to emerge from whatever adventure she has been on. It is an incredible thing to love a story so much it feels real.

Five facts about me. 

The very first blog post is a lot like ripping off a band-aid – it just needs to happen. After a significant amount of thought, energy and wasted time I have decided to share five things about me as my first post. Simple and to the point. Let’s rip off the band-aid.