Minimalist Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Little Girl

A minimalist capsule wardrobe for my daughter isn’t a political statement or something I learned from a well dressed Japanese woman. My 4-year-old is a force of nature (I’m pretty sure I have used those exact words on here many times to describe her). We call her Hurricane Celeste because you will know if she has blown through a room. Her clothing needs are utilitarian. 

The Witching Hour: Evening Routine with Kids

The Witching Hour is better known to those without children as early evening. To us parents it is the chaos leading up till bedtime. It can ruin an otherwise lovely day and strikes fear into those who have toddlers.

After ten years and three children I have come up with some ways to fight back. I have the unique challenge of large age gaps so getting through the Witching Hour has become harder over the years but I refuse to let it get me down! I have also included a sample evening routine at the end of the post.

How we manage a cashless allowance.

Cash seems like a thing of the past and that is why we always struggled with allowance. Not so much awarding the money but the follow through. I never carry cash so after a few years of IOU’s we finally set up a cashless system that works!