How to Help a Mom with Postpartum Depression and My Story.

May is Postpartum Depression Awareness month and we should all start to talk about it. Postpartum depression does not discriminate. It isn’t reserved for the “lesser” Mom or the one that is an all-star. It doesn’t always announce itself loudly but then again sometimes it screams it’s name. It doesn’t just effect the Mom in question, it touches everyone in her life and beyond. Postpartum depression can change a marriage, ruin a job, and destroy a person – if not handled. What is more crazy to think; postpartum depression is common. More common than you might think; someone you know and love could be suffering right now.


C-Section Awareness month: What I learned after my third C-Section.

I was that soon to be Mom that would have given birth un-medicated under a waterfall if I was allowed to. By “allowed to” I mean, if my husband allowed me to because he thought I was crazy. Of course, reality had much different plans.