Buddha Bowls

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Everyone in my house is vegetarian (except the dog…). I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years, my husband for about 20 years, and all 3 of our children have never eaten meat. Everday is meatless Monday around here!!

Our go-to meal is a “Buddha Bowl”. I honestly don’t know if there is a “proper” way of making this but this is how we do it and we love it.

  1. Pick a base: We usually go for greens or grains here. Since I am cheap it is generally rice or whatever greens I have in the fridge but feel free to get fancy.
  2. Pick a veggie: This is almost always roasted potatoes for us but it can literally any vegetable or many all at once!
  3. Pick a protein: Yesterday we did quinoa but it can be beans, hummus, tofu, tempeh, lentils, or even nuts.
  4. Pick a sauce: Literally whatever sauce you want (and will go with your ingredients). Salsa, BBQ sauce, dressing, hummus, or lemon juice. We are a saucy family so this step is important.
  5. Eat. 

That’s it! The great thing about this dish is you can clean out your fridge. I had a lone carrot so I grated it and added it! Got some spinach and a zucchini? Toss it in! Leftover refried beans from taco night? Make it a Mexican bowl! There are no rules to Budda Bowls. No rules + easy = my kind of meal.

Budda Bowls