FabFitFun Summer Box Review & Unboxing

My FabFitFun summer box has arrived! I look forward to this every few months. It is a special treat just for me. I don’t have to share with the kids and everything always feels luxurious. I am impressed again this season and am excited to share the great deal I got!

For $49.99 I got $287.50 worth of high-quality products. I call that a deal. If you want one for yourself click this link and sign up! I promise you won’t regret it!

FabFitFun unboxing and review

  1. BKR – Little water bottle
    Retail Price: $35
    This thing is adorable! It is glass but covered with a protective sleeve. I don’t know for sure yet but it looks like it is leak proof which is a bonus for us Moms. It is small enough to take in my purse but big enough to give me a good dose of water.
  2. Salted – Himalayan Pink Salt Kit
    Retail Price: $26
    Holy SCORE Batman! This thing is adorable AND useful! We can use this for every day but it will be especially nice on the table for a dinner party. So cute!
    fabfitfun unboxing and review
  3. Eau Thermale Avene – Ultra-light Hydrating Sunscreen
    Retail Price: $24
    The title is extra what it is: Ultra-light and hydrating. It is so easy to put on and has a really nice scent that lingers. I hate when sunscreen feels thick on my face and I don’t want to put makeup on over top but this stuff takes less than a minute to nearly disappear. It feels like there is nothing there but it is protecting my face. This will be really helpful with the kids too.
  4. Juice Beauty – Smoothing Eye Concentrate
    Retail Price: $29
    It is too soon to tell if this stuff really works (I have only used it a few times) but I really like the packaging and it goes on really nice. It felt a bit sticky on my eyelids at first but that went away after a few minutes.
  5. Cargo Cosmetics – Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze
    Retail Price: $30
    This has a really nice sheen that is perfect for the summer. Usually, I avoid bronzer with a sheen to it because my skin isn’t perfect and I don’t want to call attention to the imperfections but this stuff is HD and smooths out my face nicely.
  6. Way of Will – 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil
    Retail Price: $29.50
    I LOVE the smell of this oil. The German chamomile is such a wonderful scent. The oil goes on easily and best of all absorbs right into the skin so no oily/sticky after feel. This will come in really handy this summer after long hours in the sun.
  7. Michael Stars – Ruana
    Retail Price: $54
    This is usually not my style at all but the fabric is so light and breezy I kind of like it. It can be used as a sarong, scarf, and cover-up so it is versatile and great for summer layering.
  8. Kris Nations – Mystic Bar Necklace
    Retail Price: $58
    I have gotten some of my favorite jewelry from FabFitFun and this is not different. It is so pretty and dainty. The chain is too short for my everyday wear but I have an extender to lengthen it a bit. I just love when there are necklaces in the box!
    fabfitfun unboxing and review

fabfitfun unboxing and review