6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

My husband works on the weekend and has for many years. I hate it for many reasons but one is that we can’t celebrate Father’s Day on the actual day. We always make up for it later on in the week though! We always try to do something a little bit different. I wanted to share some unique ways of celebrating Father’s Day this year in case you are over the traditional BBQ.

Volunteer or Give Back

Get together as a family and give back to your community! You can set up a time to sort at your local food bank or maybe take the $100 you would have spent on a BBQ and buy a huge haul to donate. Have a garage sale or lemonade stand and donate the funds. Slather on some sunscreen and clean up a local park. There are lots of ways to give back and you will feel great for doing it as a family.

Drive In

Load up the back of your minivan with pillows and head to the drive in! This is a great family tradition to start and one that your kids will never forget.

Scavenger Hunt

A few years I have set up a scavenger hunt for my husband and the kids. The loved it! I even got some local shops in on it so they had to go into places to get clues. It was so much fun!

Go Karting

My family loves to go fast and go karting has always been a favorite. Throw in some french fries and ice cream to turn it into a real treat!

Amusement Park

Personally, I am not a fan of roller coasters but my husband is and it is his day! A day trip to an amusement park always pleases him.

The Zoo

This is another family favorite! Our closest zoo is an all day affair so it is best left for special days just like Father’s Day. We pack a picnic and spend many hours checking out the animals.


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