Mother’s Day and a Tough Weekend

This weekend has been tough. If you are a parent you will know these kinds of days. The kind that feel like they drag on forever and nothing seems to go right.

My husband works a weekend midnight shift. That means he is either sleeping or working from Friday morning to Monday afternoon. Which also means I am alone for that entire time. Some weekends go by fast and we have lots of fun…..some, however are torture.

For the last two nights my 2.5 month old has woken at 1 am and wouldn’t sleep longer than 15 minutes until 5 am – when he decided to get up for the day. So, I have been awake since 1 am two days in a row. Not good. My beautiful 3-year-old is a non-stop preschooler. She is go go go for 13+ hours per day. Usually this is fun and keeps me on my toes but after no sleep it is stressful and annoying. Add in a dash of defiance and a whopping scoop of whining and you have yourself a whirlwind of a child. My tween is acting more and more tween like with every passing day. This is a hard phase. I am not sure what to do with it on the best of days but on days like today I definitely don’t do the right thing.

Yesterday I decided to take the kids to a local beach to burn off some energy and pass the time quicker. I thought “what could go wrong?”. It all backfired. Obviously we can’t go swimming because it is May in Canada, this was a sand only trip. Apparently this is not so obvious when you are 3 and desperate to swim. Queue screaming. Also, the seagulls wouldn’t play with her. Queue screaming. Oh, and her sister walked in front of her. Queue screaming. Then there is the shoulder shrug and eye roll coming from little Miss Tween. It is like nails on a chalk board.

I am so tired I put the coffee away inside the fridge and put my shoes in the bathroom.

None of this matters much however, because today is Mother’s Day. Today is the day I am reminded again of why I pick up play doh on my hands and knees. Why I clean poop and forget to eat for hours on end. Today is my day. No, I didn’t get breakfast in bed or a spa day (maybe someday). I cleaned the floors and washed diapers because even though it is Mother’s Day it is also Sunday. My job does not have off days.

I did get a beautiful lilac bush, magnolia tree and lavender bush to plant this week. They will always remind me of my 10th year as a mother.

Here is a mini photo dump: