My Children’s Names and Five Baby Names I Won’t be Using.

We have successfully named three little ones and I want to share them with you! As well I have included five names I really love but won’t be using. I have seen this tag around Youtube and thought it was cute so I wanted to play along on my blog!

I take baby naming very seriously. I also have a list of criteria that is very limiting:

  • Must not be on the top 500 list for the last few years (I grew up as Amanda in the 80’s/90’s. I was one of many and hated it).
  • Must not be able to shorten is easily. I am not a fan if nicknames.
  • Must be able to pronounce and spell it (reasonably). I have a very complicated last name so I know how hard it is to live with a complicated name…


Avalon – “Island of Apples”. It is said to be the resting place of King Arthur.

When we were pregnant with Avalon I wanted a literary name but my husband wasn’t on baord with most of what I came up with (apparently Lavinia was too tragic…). When I came up with Avalon I drive home that night full of nerves. I really wanted him to love it and thankfully he did!!

My children names and 5 baby names I won't use

Celeste – “Heavenly”

I got this name from a movie and I wish I could say it was an epic blockbuster but it wasn’t. It was a movie called Celeste and Jesse Forever; a very sad romantic comedy. But we loved the name as soon as we heard it and by the end of the movie we knew that was the one.

My children names and 5 baby names I won't use

Soren – “Stern”

Now that we have spent two months with our new little guy we have found him to be a very serious baby so his name suits him well. If this last baby was a boy (which he obviously was!) we wanted an Icelandic or Nordic name for him. Some of the top choices were just a little too out there for us but Soren was perfect.

Five baby names I love but will not be using:

  1. Ophelia – “Help”
    This name was I had actually planned to use if this last baby was a girl. Since that was probably our last baby I will never get the chance! I love how whimsical and pretty it is. It also goes very well with my other daughters names.
  2. Gunnar – “Warrior”
    This is a strong and handsome Icelandic name that I love. We just could not get past the fact that it is a common dog name in North America. I wish I had been able to let that go and just use it!
  3. Elliott – “One with God”
    My first daughter would have been Elliott if she was a boy. In fact, she was almost Elliott as a girl! But she seemed more like an Avalon and I am glad I went with that choice.
  4. Gannon – “Fair-Skinned”
    Such a fun name!! We both loved this and if our second had been a boy this was a top contender. However, we know someone who has a girl named Cannon so that may have been weird…
  5. Milja – “Hard Working”
    This is on here because I love it but it was never used because my husband hates it!

My children names and 5 baby names I won't use