Easter Basket Ideas for a Tween Girl.

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If you have a tween you will know they are stuck in that space between being a little girl and becoming a woman. This can make gift giving very hard! I want my tween to be a little girl for as long as she needs to but I also want to help her gently move into her teens years.

Celebrations like Easter bring out the kid in all of us but I can’t very well give the same shark sun hat or Peppa Pig toys I got for my little ones to my tween. I have done a lot of research and came up with an Easter basket to keep the kid in her but also respect that she is growing up.

I don’t know about your daughter but mine (and all her friends) are obsessed with foxes, pineapples and unicorns. Ya, this might be the little girls in them!

Check out these adorable knee high fox socks (that is fun to say) and fox pillow.

Pineapples are SO hot right now. You can them everywhere but I especially love this pineapple tumbler and notebook.

We have this giant unicorn eraser and she thinks it is so cool. I plan on adding this unicorn duck tape to her basket this year.

Easter time is when I load up the kids on outdoor toys. Usually this is bubbles and sidewalk chalk but for my tween I look for fun things like a Skip Ball, Balance Platform Ball or a new helmet.

Now what about a basket? I have always been a fan of putting stuff in a usable container. That way you are making use of everything! In the past I have used cute laundry baskets, a sandbox, and a wooden box for craft supplies. This year I am looking for a bag to get her through the summer like this owl beach bag or cool galaxy backpack.

This hair chalk is super fun and my tween would love it. I might add some body wash and a new hair brush for good measure.

Now all you have to do is add a good handful (or two) of candy and chocolate! Tell me all about your Easter baskets!!

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