Four baby items I love for the first four weeks.

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After three kids our wants and needs have changed dramatically. In round one with our first daughter we wanted everything (and new of course– no hand me downs) but it wasn’t until the second daughter that we realized our needs. Even then we had too much and didn’t use what we had effectively.

Babies don’t really require as much as you think, especially in the first few weeks. A safe place to sleep and a food source is all you really need but all the extras sure are nice! This is a list of four things that I could probably live without but don’t want to.

Cotton muslin blankets

I prefer the Aden and Anais brand because they are the highest quality but any cotton muslin blanket will do. Aden and Anais are pricey but I strongly recommend to have a few of them rather than a lot of a cheaper brand. Quality over quantity!

These blankets serve SO many purposes. They make an exceptional swaddle blanket because of the large size and thinness. It doesn’t become too bulky or awkward like thicker blankets and won’t overheat the baby.  It doubles as a car seat cover, picnic blanket, play mat, spit up soaker, spill wiper, nursing cover, or lovey. I stash one or two in every room, the car and diaper bag. There is a reason why everyone recommends these blankets!

Ingenuity Inreach Mobile Lounger And Bouncer

This was a new buy for me for this baby and I can’t praise it enough. I searched high and low for an elevated bouncy chair and totally scored with the Ingenuity Inreach! I had a repeat c-section and have a pre-existing back injury. I knew from my last baby that bending over repeatedly would be super painful and I was willing to pay good money to bring the baby closer. Turns out the height is only one of the great features!

When placed on top, the base has a set of wheels that allow you to push the baby from room to room. This is great if baby is fast asleep and you want to take a shower. You can just roll it right into the bathroom. When we have dinner baby can be up close to me but I have free hands to actually eat – which if you have ever had a newborn, you will know this is amazing.

The seat lays nearly flat so it has now become a mini bassinet for us. Baby sleeps in the chair right beside my head at night. I can lean over and gently jiggle it or stroke his face without getting out of bed. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. There is nothing worth more than sleep when you have a new baby.

Once you take the seat off the base it becomes a normal bouncer on the floor but it has an exceptional bounce to it. Just one tap and it will bounce away for quite sometime. There is also a vibration and music feature that gets a lot of use.

This seat comes highly recommended by our family!

Baby Swing

Anyone will tell you a baby swing is worth the investment and I agree. I didn’t have one with our first so I didn’t know what I was missing. When my second was a few months old I borrowed one from a friend and it was a game changer! Suddenly I was able to take a shower or rest for longer than 10 minutes. My second baby wasn’t even a huge swing lover (some babies can swing for hours!) but it helped so much. This time around I went out and bought one of my own.

There are a few things you want to look for in a swing but otherwise they are all the same. First, make sure that the swing can be plugged in and does not run only on batteries. There is nothing worse in the world than running out of batteries at 10pm on Friday of a long weekend. Second, buy a swing that can swing both ways. This means it will sway side to side but with the flip of a switch it will sway front to back. Every baby is different and you won’t know what your baby loves until you have the chance to try it out. My baby prefers to swing side to side but every now and again he loves to flip and go front to back. You just never know!

Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding (or a combination of both like I am) these will come in handy for the first few weeks. If you pumping, you will need to clean the pump parts and the same goes with bottles. It seems like a small thing but in the blurry cycle of nurse/feed/pump on little sleep – skipping one extra chore is extraordinary.

Once a day I wash all the bottles, nipples and pump parts in hot soapy water. Then I pop them in the microwave for 3 minutes in a Medela Quick Clean bag. Done!

Now you could purchase a microwave sterilizer but as far I understand constant sterilization is not needed beyond a few months. Also, the bags are super portable so you can take them on vacation, to work or over to your Mother-in-laws for the weekend. They are the perfect example of modern convenience. I don’t know what I would do without them.

That is my list of four things I don’t need but can’t live without for the first four weeks. Now that my baby is 5 weeks old I am taking note on how this list changes and will update you when the time comes! Let me know what you can’t live without.

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